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Create React Package

Open-Source Project

Create React Package is a command-line build tool for creating, building, testing, and publishing React Libraries.

Many developers struggle with setting the boilerplate for React Libraries as it requires installing and configuring a compiler, bundler, test runner, and various build tools. Create React Package integrates these build tools and provides a seamless, optimized, easy-to-use build pipeline for creating React Libraries.

With Create React Package, developers get:

  • CJS, ESM, and UMD builds of the library
  • Rollup, Babel, ESLint, and Jest pre-configured
  • Ability to customize all the build tools
  • Integrated Playground
  • TypeScript and Storybook support
  • Out-of-the-box support for CSS, SASS, and JSON files
  • Treeshaking, Code-splitting, and separate dev/production builds
  • Pre-configured Browserslist to control the output JavaScript and CSS assets
  • Better DX and maintainability with just one dependency

Central Pro Services

Central Pro Services is a renowned renovation service provider in the United States. I was privileged to contribute to enhancing and streamlining the organization's operations through developing and maintaining software.

  • Optimized the order and sales systems by implementing advanced features for managing Teams, Technicians, and Pricing of the Products and Services. Leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Improved software architecture; implemented modern coding and testing principles and CI/CD for faster and more reliable releases.

Haseeb is a highly talented software developer with exceptional technical and communication skills. He worked for us on a few different projects, and during that time, he demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic.
Guillermo Vazquez

Director of Business Development at Central Pro Services

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Pawket Treats

Pawket Treats is a platform for selling dog treats. Built on Shopify, powered by an exclusive custom app.

Co-architected and led the development of the custom app, empowering its customers with:

  • One-step checkout.
  • Customer authentication and order confirmation via SMS.
  • Custom-built subscription model with automatic subscription confirmation and payment charging.
  • One-time and recurring order payments (with 3D Secure). Powered by Stripe.
  • Customer support via text with a real-time messaging interface for admins.
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